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Electric Heating System
  • Electric Heating System

    Harvia electric sauna stove *

    + Authentic stones for Harvia saunas included

    Harvia sauna stones have been selected according to ancient traditions and recreate the authentic atmosphere of saunas. Harvia sauna stones provide gentle and pleasant heat. Split-face sauna stones are the only ones suitable for electric stoves and wood-burning stoves: they can store a significant amount of heat and the large surface area of the fractured face allows good water evaporation. Angular stones with an exploded surface can be arranged in a ventilated manner, which is a necessary condition, particularly in electric heaters, so that air can circulate between the hot stones and the heating elements, and thus come to heat the sauna. Good air circulation in the stone compartment increases the longevity of the electric heating elements.

    * Installation costs of an electrician at your expense.


      Sauna + are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

      However, in case of malfunction of the sauna or your heating system, do not hesitate to contact Linda:

      • Office: (819) 438-1738
      • Cell: (819) 334-1373
      • Email:
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