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Wood heating system
  • Wood heating system

    The Harvia wood stove, the pleasure of a Finnish sauna for decades.
    Lots of heat and pleasant moments rich in atmosphere! The wood stoves manufactured by Harvia are the result of 60 years of experience. These strong roots can be found in Harvia's range of wood-burning stoves, which combine traditional sauna sessions with modern design and materials.

    The result of permanent developments, Harvia stoves are now made of modern materials, have an elegant design and are very easy to handle. As part of its policy of preserving the environment, Harvia develops products that are more economical and whose use is less harmful to the environment.


      Sauna + are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

      However, in case of malfunction of the sauna or your heating system, do not hesitate to contact Linda:

      • Office: (819) 438-1738
      • Cell: (819) 334-1373
      • Email:
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